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Peaceburgh Holiday Social: Dec 2, 2012

Peaceburgh Holiday Social ¬†Join us this Sunday for fun, page socializing, entertainment, socializing, shopping, and did we mention socializing? Bring your networking info and meet the coolest people in Peaceburgh as we Create Conscious Community! Sunday December 2, from Noon to 5pm Admission $5. Full menu of snacks, lunch and drinks available. (Vegan options, too!) Speakers 12:15pm ‚Äď Sven Hosford¬† ‚Äst Profes ...

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Peaceburgh Holiday Social

Parking is free and easy in the Strip district.  Park near 19th street, erectile the Public Market!!!  Great food and Vegan options for Lunch!!!  Getting excited to socialize and network with everyone in Peaceburgh! ...

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