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Primus Activation Healing Training with Naisha Ahsian, Aug 9 & 10

The Primus Activation Healing TechniqueTM is a profound energy healing modality that allows both beginner and advanced healing practitioners from all modalities to utilize the power of the heart’s energetic field. The technique is based upon sound scientific theory that teaches us the basic physics of energy and energy transference. Healing practitioners of all kinds , health including Reiki Masters and Tea ...

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Drum Circle, Potluck And Special Guest Speaker On The Aztek Calender 7/20/2014

  Special event and gathering of Peaceburghers, dosage celebrating life, salve music and teachings of the Aztek calendar. The group will meet at the Point in Pittsburgh on Sunday, July 20th Schedule of events: 3:30 Opening Ceremony w/ Peaceburgh Elders. 5pm Special guest Mazatzin Aztekayolokalli teaching on Aztek Calendar System. 6:30-Dusk Peaceburgh drum ...

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One Whirl Yoga Fest At Point State Park ~ July 26th 2014, All Day

Hey, link 'Peaceburgh' it's time to get that body moving and grooving, information pills and this years Yoga Fest is the place to make it happen. Meet new people, make new friends, learn new techniques and about various styles - there's something for everyone. This event begins at 6 am and continues throughout the day until 6pm, and is guided by yoga instructors from all around the city.     Raisi ...

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Sound Healing With Gongs to Fill The Halls at Site Nite, July 8th 2014

Site Nite is known for bringing exceptional talent to the stage in Pittsburgh, viagra 60mg and this Tuesday’s sound healing performance by Mike and Gallina Tamburo of Crown of Eternity is to be no exception. You won’t want to miss this rare treat. At this event you will gain a deeper understanding of the importance and deep healing aspects of sound vibration and how the body naturally realigns itself with i ...

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