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We-PEACE Presents: A Day of Mindfulness for Educators

We-PEACE Presents A Day of Mindfulness for Educators Saturday, more about May 16th? ¬† ¬† ¬†8:30 AM‚Äď 5:00 PM 733 North Highland Avenue Rear Carriage House   We-PEACE is excited to announce its first retreat for 2015 at the Pittsburgh Shambhala Meditation Center. Come and explore a variety of meditation and?mindfulness practices, including: sitting and walking?meditation, mindful eating, mindfulness of sen ...

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Spring is Rebirth

We unite for positive change as Peaceburgh. You can be aware of the amplified chaotic energies in the world right now without allowing it to directly affect you. Choose right action instead of reaction.   You might also be aware of how your own energies can make a real positive difference in this world by sending love/wholeness energy to the plant, hospital animal and human kingdoms.   Be the high ...

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