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July 12 presents Eddie Watkins Jr.

July 12, price 2015 10:30 am: Joint Service Unity Center of Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Center for Spiritual Living Eddie Watkins Jr. will be our guest speaker and music minister at this combined service of the Pittsburgh Center for Spiritual Living and the Unity Center of Pittsburgh held at the East End Cooperative Ministry. 1:00pm: Special Eddie Watkins Jr. Concert Location: Great Room Registration: http:// ...

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Summer Solstice 2015

Summer Solstice, diagnosis June 21, 2015, 12:38pm Peaceburgh time.  The return of Goddess Energy is emerging as a gift from Source Energy at this time.  We have been working to heal all aspects of the past and letting go of old emotional disharmony. Don’t stop, but what is needed now is to be in integrity with our one heart beat and activate the magic of all the sacred goddess qualities into the world.  It’ ...

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Power Points

Isle of Lewis, viagra buy Scotland, sales May 2015     by Tamar George The Callanish Stones are an arrangement of standing stones placed in a cruciform pattern with a central stone circle. They were a focus for ritual activity during the Paleolithic Age to Industrial/modern. Standing among the ancient standing stones with my divining rods, I thought to myself: how did the ancients know where to build these ...

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