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What is the peaceful revolution?

by  ______________(author acknowledged at the end) What is the peaceful revolution?  It's a list of wants.  It comes out of LOVE and Fairness with no Fear attached.  What we want on our list is real change in this country, and because we are more aware of all the corruption, we want it now. 'We the Peaceful People', are prepared to take on the political cowardice and powerful special interests which have pr ...

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Evolution for the Summer Solstice

This energy report is for the Summer 2016: The Summer of the Divine Feminine Return. by Tamar George This energy report is all about how the energy coming in from the cosmos is from Source and that energy is Divine Feminine energy.  That is the Plan. That has been the plan all along. That energy is being downloaded in parts, at the Summer Solstice and will be downloaded again in August.  You might be thinki ...

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Summer 2016 Standing up for LOVE

Please send positive energy to create an institutional and financial infrastructure that will carry forward into the future.  Spirit has predicted for 30 years that there are changes coming, cure after all this is the age of Unity.     Sanders's vision of a political revolution has always been the most compelling part of his campaign. Organizations are beginning to build coalitions with labor, site socialis ...

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