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Power over others is not a work of UNITY

 We are in a time of Unity Consciousness having a conversation about what is Unity and what is not Unity.  It is the next lesson we will all be learning in the time ahead.  How do we work together?  How do we trust one another.  What is it that really matters?  Why does it matter.  Who is deciding what matters for all of us.  Who is being our conscious and why? ...

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Fall 2017 Energy Report

Fall Energy Report:  The shift is taking place and everyone is feeling the effects of it.  The dichotomy of heighten emotions.  The planet is also shifting and adjusting as we go into 4th density, which is the new upgrade to a love based platform instead of the old platform of fear based 3rd density. The Divine Goddess energy has returned peaking at the Eclipse and then on the 23rd of September. ...

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7th Annual Peaceful Gathering of Hands

Welcome! Join us for the 7th Annual Peaceful Gathering of Hands on Saturday, Oct 7th, at Frick Park (Blue Slide Playground entrance) in Squirrel Hill. We will gather from Noon to 7pm in the grassy field down the path. This event is Picnic-Style with a Big Peace Circle every other hour and Workshops happening in between; this will surely be an event you can sit back, relax, participate in and enjoy! Please W ...

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September 22, 2017 Fall Equinox

Fall Equinox:  September 22, 2017 in Peaceburgh, Pa will be at 4:02 pm.  The energy is Peaking the 23rd.   What energy?   The Energy of the incoming Divine Goddess Energy/4th Density/ Higher Fourth Dimension that is now permeating the Earth.  We are in the Shift. The Shift is happening. We are responding in Love as the lower frequencies continue their response of greed and power over others. Do not get caug ...

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