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Winter Solstice 2018

 Peace be with everyone as we continue to work to be the Light in a progressive city of Light (Peaceburgh) May the return of the Divine Goddess be awakened in all hearts and minds so we can truly love one another.  We are one spirit (as the Egyptians said) the Eye of Horus splintered into a million pieces. We are the Eye of Source, we are the different Avatars of that great spirit moving through Creation.  ...

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A moment of Love is sending Peace to all of us

Acknowledgement to Tony Ruffolo@WPXITonyRuffolo November 9, 2018:  Thank you for taking that picture because we recognize fellow Peaceburghers in it.  Peaceburgh has been sending out Peace and Love at the Point for years.  It shows that what we do goes into the consciousness of the rest of Humanity.  It was fitting for all those who created the MOMENT of PEACE.  Because Love is stronger than hate. This is t ...

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Be the Peace in the WE ARE ONE Puzzle

 Gratitude to this artist, thank you for your PEACE. Brothers, Rise Up!  Together with peaceful standards we can be an example of what a Divine Human looks like.  A balanced individual  working on self to live peace within and without.  Because hope and peace starts within.  Hope and Peace starts with out by manifesting your connection with Source.  Working on the small steps of miracles to create the big s ...

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Do you recognize entitlement in your self?

 Sense of Entitlement Symptoms   Sure you can get mad at the President for being so entitled, but what if we don't recognize the symptoms in ourselves.  Your life right now are the symptoms: are you happy, do you have an easy time, does prosperity flow, do you have long term relationships, have you lost a lot of people along the way?    By now you may be wondering ...

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What was the 11:11 and 11:11:11

Peaceburgh is about the individuals who make up Peaceburgh.  What Path that individual is on and why it works for them.  There are many paths HOME, or finding your way back to your original Source. How did the 11:11 happen and how did the 11:11:11 happen in Pittsburgh, Pa.  These two events changed our world and changed our city. When did you begin to awaken? Did you discover off the wall book stores, secre ...

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June 2, 2018 Peaceful Gathering of Hands – At Point Park – 8th Annual 12-7pm

8th Annual Peaceful Gathering of Hands during the 3 Rivers Arts Fest. Please bring Blankets, Food, Instruments, and Info to Share about your Group or Project. This is a free, collaborative event to unify diverse groups and individuals from many neighborhoods who are creating a more peaceful, community-building, and sustainable city. We will gather at 1, 3, 5, and 7 pm to form a Giant Peace circle, joining h ...

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More Psychic Gifts are awakening at this time

What is your responsibility with your intuition or psychic abilities? This is being revisited because a psychic was duping others out of money for spells this month.  The greater teaching from Spirit is  you have not been hexed unless you decide you have been and that means you have given your power away. There is no bad mojo except the thoughts in your head.  Really.  We create our reality all the time and ...

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learn how to run for office on weekends

WHY TRAINING AND WHY SHOULD I APPLY? The Emerge Program is the premier training program for Democratic women. We inspire women to run and we hone their skills to win. Our goal is clear: to increase the number of Democratic women in public office. But why? The facts speak volumes: Ninetieth in the world: that's where the United States ranks for women in elected office, behind Mexico, China and Pakistan Women ...

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Standing up and saying enough

Women and children are mostly leading the way this year with the Divine Goddess return. We are awakening that this planet does not have to be a male dominated FEAR planet.  (that has gone on for waaaaay too long)  It is time that men touch into their spiritual warrior side and no longer into their power over others WAR side. ...

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