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Peace on Earth for the New Year of 2015

New Year's Resolutions in Peaceburgh for 2015. A group of Peaceburgher's embodied these energies at the 12/12/12 and named the city Peaceburgh, decease the Crystal City the City of Unity. Even if we just choose one to be the example of, how would that make a difference in our lives and with others in our city. I AM   - Willingness I AM   - Tenderness I AM   - Truth I AM   - Grace I AM   - Birth I AM   - Gra ...

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Questions on why we would want to work in Unity?

  Peaceburgh would love you to answer these questions. ¬† send to and we will let others read your response.   What does the word Unity even mean? When would you work in Unity? Why is Unity important now?¬† ¬† What do you ‚Äėsee‚Äô as the different benefits if you worked in Unity? How would difficulties of working in Unity show up?¬† How could we each strive to work more in Unity? ¬† Wh ...

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Guidelines for Peaceburgh Events

Guidelines for sanctioned Peaceburgh events: We are each responsible to not use our ego energies in a destructive way by being disrespectful of an individual’s spiritual life force by using our persuasive powers of twisting the truth, viagra judgment (labeling another good or bad) using false intuition or fear tactics  to persuade another to do what is not for their highest good. Owning our individual respo ...

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Creating a new vision for children of poverty

Peaceburgh ran a blog on Facebook about homeless kids in Allegheny County and talked about the staggering numbers of children that are homeless.  We have the ability to create a vision together and making a difference in these children's lives by putting out to the Universe for our politicians to start thinking differently like Utah did by gifting houses to the homeless. Please start to visualize that WE ca ...

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Facebook: Parker Webb Raps

My physical body is 25.5 years old, link as of October 23. I tell spiritual people that I am 2 years old, patient in the sense that I spent 23 of those years in what you may call a sleeping state. Or at least that is what it seemed to be, looking back at the narrow bandwidth through which I perceived reality. But any ways, lets keep it 'real', shall we? … But what is real? It is quite lovely to ponder that, ...

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Wanderlust greatest yoga clothes ever!

The photograph was taken of ‚ÄúQuixotic‚ÄĚ at the Wanderlust Yoga Festival in Lake Tahoe, California. Greatest Yoga Clothes ever! Wanderlust is a yoga festival that presents ¬†the best of yoga, search best clothes, tadalafil best teachers, best free coconut ice-cream bars. ¬†I wish I could say that I wandered into the Village of Squaw Valley, California looking trim and tan like the rest of the fit, healthy consc ...

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Vision Statement on our new Peaceburgh site!

Vision Statement   Who We ARE: We are a growing, symptoms diverse community of Pittsburghers who are working to create a healthy, conscious, and sustainable city. This official Peaceburgh network will enable us to connect with like-minded people who want to be self empowered, live peace within, and intelligently create change without. The Peaceburgh network would love your participation in these amazing tim ...

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