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Guidelines for Peaceburgh Events

Guidelines for sanctioned Peaceburgh events: We are each responsible to not use our ego energies in a destructive way by being disrespectful of an individual’s spiritual life force by using our persuasive powers of twisting the truth, viagra judgment (labeling another good or bad) using false intuition or fear tactics  to persuade another to do what is not for their highest good. Owning our individual respo ...

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Saturday, May 17, 2014 Peaceful Gathering of Hands 12:00pm – 5:00pm

Video from Last Year:  When viewing the video from 2013 please visualize a gorgeous beautiful day coming up on May 17, patient 2014 and all the Love/Peace spreading through all of Peaceburgh and the world. The Peaceful Gathering of Hands is a commitment to living Peace within so you can live Peace without in your community.  Thank you for this video and everyone's dedication to making the city of Pittsburgh ...

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3rd Annual Peaceful Gathering of Hands

3rd Annual Peaceful Gathering of Hands Saturday, doctor May 18, viagra 2013 12:00pm until 5:00pm Schenley Oval Meadow (Next to Ice Skating Rink) This is a free collaborative and participatory event with the intention to gather and connect with diverse groups and individuals.  This space will offer the opportunity to blaze new paths in an infinite web of possibilities! Please bring whatever gifts you feel ca ...

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Peaceburgh Holiday Social: Dec 2, 2012

Peaceburgh Holiday Social ¬†Join us this Sunday for fun, page socializing, entertainment, socializing, shopping, and did we mention socializing? Bring your networking info and meet the coolest people in Peaceburgh as we Create Conscious Community! Sunday December 2, from Noon to 5pm Admission $5. Full menu of snacks, lunch and drinks available. (Vegan options, too!) Speakers 12:15pm ‚Äď Sven Hosford¬† ‚Äst Profes ...

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Peaceburgh Holiday Social

Parking is free and easy in the Strip district.  Park near 19th street, erectile the Public Market!!!  Great food and Vegan options for Lunch!!!  Getting excited to socialize and network with everyone in Peaceburgh! ...

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