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June 6th at Point State Park. Peaceful Gathering of Hands

Please join us for the 5th Annual Peaceful Gathering of Hands on Saturday, June 6th at Point State Park. We will gather from Noon to 7pm in the grass by the fountain, Picnic-Style with a Big Peace Circle every hour on the hour, beginning at 1pm.    Between circles there will be drumming, potluck, art, networking, and relaxation in the shade.    Please bring : Blankets, Instruments, Info to Share (on any gro ...

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We-PEACE Presents: A Day of Mindfulness for Educators

We-PEACE Presents A Day of Mindfulness for Educators Saturday, more about May 16th? ¬† ¬† ¬†8:30 AM‚Äď 5:00 PM 733 North Highland Avenue Rear Carriage House   We-PEACE is excited to announce its first retreat for 2015 at the Pittsburgh Shambhala Meditation Center. Come and explore a variety of meditation and?mindfulness practices, including: sitting and walking?meditation, mindful eating, mindfulness of sen ...

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Spring is Rebirth

We unite for positive change as Peaceburgh. You can be aware of the amplified chaotic energies in the world right now without allowing it to directly affect you. Choose right action instead of reaction.   You might also be aware of how your own energies can make a real positive difference in this world by sending love/wholeness energy to the plant, hospital animal and human kingdoms.   Be the high ...

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13th Annual WORLD SOUND HEALING DAY FEBRUARY 14, viagra 60mg 2015 ‚ÄúThe Sound Heard Around the World‚ÄĚ Sounding an ‚ÄúAH‚ÄĚ for planetary peace! WHAT: World Sound Healing Day-The Sound Heard Around the World. Every February 14th, people throughout the planet join together with their intentionalized sound to project a sonic valentine of love & appreciation to Gaia, our Earth Mother. We tone the heart sound ‚ÄúAh ...

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Kate Clark

Kate Clark  is a singer songwriter from Pittsburgh PA. She was the lead singer from 1994-1998 of Bitter Delores a pop rock alternative act that produced 2 full length albums. After gaining a Music Education Degree at Duquesne University Kate pursued a personal call to continue singing and songwriting. Her latest EP is Raising the Black.     ( ...

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A picture is worth a thousand words

This is a shout out to all the artists of the world who 'see' things differently. Who are not contained in boxes but exist in prisms. Artists who create new ideas, search attitudes, price and fortunes thinking only of how can they best live love.   Artists, who hope that men’s minds will stretch beyond infinity, be able to let go of the horrid past and step over the edge of the Earth into the radiant future ...

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Finding Inner Peace in Shadyside

Shadyside, pills Pittsburgh. A cabin, sildenafil courtyard, mural and garden retreat.   Finding Peace where you are and building yourself a piece of it is what prompted Katina to create a cabin. Katina's cabin is made from a hay barn built in Mexico, Missouri in 1901. She has been told by others that one feels transported to another time and space when walking through the door of the cabin.¬† After that ...

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Peace on Earth for the New Year of 2015

New Year's Resolutions in Peaceburgh for 2015. A group of Peaceburgher's embodied these energies at the 12/12/12 and named the city Peaceburgh, decease the Crystal City the City of Unity. Even if we just choose one to be the example of, how would that make a difference in our lives and with others in our city. I AM   - Willingness I AM   - Tenderness I AM   - Truth I AM   - Grace I AM   - Birth I AM   - Gra ...

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HOLIDAY MARKET In Market Square Open Daily till December 23, 2014

 © COPYRIGHT 2014 AUDRA AZOURY JEWELRY  Visit Audra  in Market Square or online Audra said that her Pittsburgh friends wanted more and so her Steel Town line was born and will continue to be added to. In this collection she translates Pittsburgh's most popular landmarks into subtle graphic interpretations. YES, prostate LOVE IT! ...

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