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The moment is the reality

  In this Now, we desire to create that power to the people is complete, sale whole and integrated into our society.   That corporations have a heart in the NOW.  That Politicians have a heart in the NOW.  That as awakened and conscious beings, we care for our selves, others and our planet.  That we are Conscious NOW. ...

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Energy Report October 2016

by Tamar George:  (Libra is all about Balance, Beauty and Choices) The Balance of October 2016  is all about the Unity of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.  What is balance?  It is coming from the heart and not being reactive.  Because this month will bring some explosions of emotions for all of us and it is important to stay balanced. The change, order the revolution is about individuals finally standi ...

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The first coloring book about genius inventor Nikola Tesla!

Peaceburgh supports Niffer Blue's artistic dream on kickstarter.  The desire that guides me in all I do is the desire to harness the forces of nature to the service of mankind. ~ Nikola Tesla  Ever heard of Nikola? I hadn’t until just a couple years ago- and most people in the world still don’t know who he is! Yet Tesla is one of the greatest minds that ever lived. His alternating current system literally p ...

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Peaceburgh’s September 2015 Energy Report.

Peaceburgh’s September 2015 Energy Report. by Tamar George Words for the Energy…Incoming, visit returning, mind shift, transformational Goddess Energy, return of the divine feminine, balance of the divine masculine? What do these words mean? Well, This began in June 2012 when the energy came in from the center of the Milky Way galaxy, from the super-massive black hole Sagittarius A* At just 26,000 light yea ...

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Where to find the Spring ‘Bridge to Light’ Magazine

The magazine is distributed for free to readers and can be found at:         Construction Junction, pilule Crazy Mocha, pilule The East End Food Co-Op, there The Free Store, Full Spectrum Self, Indian Summer, Jamil’s Boutique, Journeys of Life, Marty’s Market, The Mattress Factory, Mind Body Essentials, The Mookshi Center, Moon Stones, The Nuin Center, Ola’s Herb Shop, Pangea St., Pengui ...

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wikipedia not playing nice with energy medicine

Please send ENERGY/PRAYER/ENERGY of healing to skeptics who control wikipedia and asked that they open their hearts and minds to the definition of Energy Medicine. The founder of Wikipedia responded to the petition by saying, page "No, find you have to be kidding me. Every single person who signed this petition needs to go back to check their premises and think harder about what it means to be honest, viagr ...

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Pittsburgh Center for Spiritual Living

New Location:   We are having our first service September 1 in a new location, advice the Fellowship Hall of the Lutheran Church at 935 Pine Avenue, seek Pittsburgh PA 15234 (Castle Shannon) Guided Meditation: 10:00 AM Celebration Service: 10:30 AM Fellowship and light refreshment after the service Plenty of parking and close to the “T” This move has been a long time coming as leadership has been visioning ...

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Peaceburgh “The Point of Power” event 8 pm June 7th, 2013

Point of Power Celebration:  Turning on the fountain.    June 7, adiposity 2013  8pm    Before we gather the evening of June 7th, buy we can choose to prepare for June 7th by energizing a small container of water. *water from any source, because you will be changing the water by your intent. The intent is to put the thought form of wholeness into the water which is in the container. (please don’t bring glas ...

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Vision Statement on our new Peaceburgh site!

Vision Statement   Who We ARE: We are a growing, symptoms diverse community of Pittsburghers who are working to create a healthy, conscious, and sustainable city. This official Peaceburgh network will enable us to connect with like-minded people who want to be self empowered, live peace within, and intelligently create change without. The Peaceburgh network would love your participation in these amazing tim ...

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