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Power over others is not a work of UNITY

 We are in a time of Unity Consciousness having a conversation about what is Unity and what is not Unity.  It is the next lesson we will all be learning in the time ahead.  How do we work together?  How do we trust one another.  What is it that really matters?  Why does it matter.  Who is deciding what matters for all of us.  Who is being our conscious and why? ...

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Fall 2017 Energy Report

Fall Energy Report:  The shift is taking place and everyone is feeling the effects of it.  The dichotomy of heighten emotions.  The planet is also shifting and adjusting as we go into 4th density, which is the new upgrade to a love based platform instead of the old platform of fear based 3rd density. The Divine Goddess energy has returned peaking at the Eclipse and then on the 23rd of September. ...

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More Psychic Gifts are awakening at this time

What is your responsibility with your intuition or psychic abilities?  by Tamar George What is your responsibility when someone else tells you their ‘gets’ and you didn’t want to hear that? What triggered this article is someone that I know just had this scenario happen to them.  Another person told them that they knew that this (something) was going to happen in their future and that she knew by adding , s ...

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What is the women’s march on Washington?

On January 21, dosage the day after the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump, try tens of thousands of people will descend on the National Mall for the Women’s March on Washington. Here's what you need to know about what could be the biggest demonstration against the incoming administration. Here's what you need to know about what could be the biggest demonstration against the incoming administratio ...

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Practice World Peace

by Rebecca Harmon Lately I've dialed back my consumption of news broadcasts. I found that the volumes of bad news followed by worse news made poor fodder for a good night's sleep. I still catch news now and then, visit web and am almost always sorry. One morning before work a few weeks back, symptoms I did it again. The report fragments that followed me out the door that morning were pretty upsetting. They ...

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What is the peaceful revolution?

by  ______________(author acknowledged at the end) What is the peaceful revolution?  It's a list of wants.  It comes out of LOVE and Fairness with no Fear attached.  What we want on our list is real change in this country, viagra 40mg and because we are more aware of all the corruption, we want it now. 'We the Peaceful People', are prepared to take on the political cowardice and powerful special interests w ...

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March is roaring in the Light

March is roaring in with Light, about it Power and Choices March 17, hospital 2016 Tamar George:  This universal energy coming in at this time is vibrating the next wave of humanity, purchase shaking, waking up their very human roots.  This will happen across the planet around St. Patricks Day.  This energy is all about LIGHT. The light streaming through the window into the dark room looking for it’s like e ...

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2016: The Year of Peace and Working in Unity

2016:    The Year of Peace and Working in Unity: Experience Unity and Peace by setting your intent for 2016. You can infuse yourself with the energies of Love, there Joy and Peace. Then take that energy and send it out to others. Imagine them receiving it and their Source selves sending it back to you. When you’re with others encourage them to work in Unity, pill because this is where you will all find lots ...

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