Saturday December 21st, from 2 to 4 pm. Reviewed by Unity Voice on . Senzaburu, this 1000 Cranes of Peace: a Response to the Call of the Dalai Lama. Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. P Senzaburu, this 1000 Cranes of Peace: a Response to the Call of the Dalai Lama. Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. P Rating: 0
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Saturday December 21st, from 2 to 4 pm.

crane3Senzaburu, this 1000 Cranes of Peace: a Response to the Call of the Dalai Lama.

Pittsburgh Center for the Arts.

Please join us in folding origami cranes capturing the essence of this holiday season. As a symbol of peace, view we send a prayer of peace throughout the world. Take a moment out of your busy schedule, cialis 40mg pause for peace to spread joy this holiday season. Saturday December 21st, from 2 to 4 pm.


In 2012 at Mellon Park, Laura DeFazio and Priscilla Pfanstiel Robinson created the award winning public art project, The Tree of Shakti, wrapping 24 miles of red thread in prayer around the largest tree visible from Shady Avenue. (See attached document and images below.) This project brought individuals together in a form of movement meditation, tying strings around this tree, with the focus of creating energy for empowerment for women around the world, and transforming the awareness of participants as actors in the world.  In response to the statement by the Dalai Lama that there can be no world peace until equal rights are achieved by women throughout the globe and his call to the women of the Western world to pave this way.  Ms. DeFazio and Ms. Pfanstiel continue on their quest for empowerment and peace for humankind globally, by creating a visually striking work of public art, and which also enrolls others to identify, honor, and follow the lead of important women or supporters of human rights.  For this project they and others will create symbolic red Origami “cranes of peace” for each peace-maker named and honored. “Senbazuru,” meaning “1,000 cranes,” is a Japanese legend which suggests that the creation of 1,000 cranes will bring peace and goodwill for those making the birds and requests, or those honored.  These 1,000 cranes will be created of various shades of red Origami paper, and strung in closely knit clusters on bushes and small trees in front of the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts and Scaife building, thickly covering each, creating intense washes of color, highly visible to passers-by from street level as well as those on foot.  One or more birds will be created for each peace-maker named and listed.

Like the Tree of Shakti, this artwork will be open to participation and expansion by viewers, who will be invited to fold a crane in honor of women or peace-makers important in their own lives, people who have paved the way, who we hope to emulate.  The first 1,000 cranes will be hung for the opening of the exhibition.  A table with Origami paper, crane folding instructions, and a basket, will be set within the gallery, and when each basket is filled, we will add the cranes to the outdoor display. At this table, a handwritten journal, listing the thousand or more individual names of all those honored, with or without commentary, will be kept, available for viewers to examine and add to.

Our hope is that individuals will identify those strong women or advocates in our lives who have paved the way for us, and in doing so, be inspired to answer the call in paving the way for others, to create change and peace in our world.

Laura DeFazio is an artist and educator who has spent nearly two decades advocating for human rights, and worked to empower generations of college students to value, respect and advocate for the rights of women, minorities, and all in need of a voice.

Priscilla Pfanstiel Robinson is artist who is actively involved in the Pittsburgh Arts community as well as local meditation group focused on worldwide peace.

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