December/Full Moon 2016 Reviewed by Unity Voice on . By Cathy Blair:  Naples Florida      "The Winter Solstice will offer even greater depths of understanding as another portal of Light shines on the path of the f By Cathy Blair:  Naples Florida      "The Winter Solstice will offer even greater depths of understanding as another portal of Light shines on the path of the f Rating: 0
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December/Full Moon 2016

72fmrBy Cathy Blair: ¬†Naples Florida ¬† ¬† ¬†“The Winter Solstice will offer even greater depths of understanding as another portal of Light shines on the path of the future.¬† We as a collective will anchor vast amount of Light and Self Love upon the planet and all of Humanity.”

Super Full Moon December 13, 2016

Moon in Gemini and Sun in Sagittarius

Greetings Beloveds, Tonight’s super full moon is the culmination point of the three eclipses followed by three super full moons.  You are undergoing the final initiation of 2016 so you may enter the new year of 2017 fully aligned with your new story,  your destiny and full hearted desire to fulfill your Divine Mission in this incarnation so you may step off the wheel of Karma and Reincarnation.  The soothing balm of the cosmos is being applied to the hearts of mankind so you may birth your Christ Consciousness into your everyday life.  The transformations that you have all undergone are being rewarded tonight as the floodgates of Illumination open wide and rain Wisdom, Truth, Peace and Compassion upon the entire Human Kingdom.  The veil has lifted and the blinders of limitation and restriction are removed.  How does your world look through the new eyes of truth?  Your eyes have been reset and calibrated to an expanded frequency of light so you may see beyond the illusions of the past paradigm of patriarchal rule.

Over this past year all your beliefs have been shaken to the very core of your existence to make way for the new that is being revealed every day.  What had formed your belief system in the past has dissolved away perhaps leaving you a little confused and shaken.  Your faith and ability to see your connection to all life has opened your hearts in ways you never dreamed of.  Now the Universal Truths of Divine Cosmic Law are seen through the new lens you were gifted during the eclipses, those downloads of wisdom seed packets are beginning to unfurl to expand your mind to hold these truths.  They are light frequencies that your soul has requested on your behalf for your spiritual expansion.

Perceptions have changed throughout this year as layer upon layer has dissolved away. The peeling of the layers has given way to deeper wounds and expanded truths as you spiraled within the darkness of the illusions of the patriarchal paradigm.  The breaking down of the old allows each of to understand how limiting these imprints have been.  Just as a caged animal is reluctant to leave its only way of experiencing its life, beloveds you too are being kicked out of the nest.  With the first step there maybe fear, but the second allows the exhilaration of freedom to surge forth and move you forward.  The Ascended Masters and the entire company of Heaven are cheering you on supporting each step.  There is a big beautiful world waiting to be created within your heart and mind.  Your basement has been swept clean finding the clarity you were seeking and you are flying up the stairs fully engaged in a new sense of well being so you may share with others all that have learned.

Free of the past densities your hearts begin to expand and soar with a much needed sense of freedom and adventure as you step into the multidimensional experience of 2017.  You are forever changed as you willingly take personal strides on a daily basis to become the Master you have meant to be, engaging with all the life forms upon the planet. This refined piercing light sees past all illusions, deceptions and lies in all areas of your lives, personally and globally.  Now you will be living the God-Human life and all that entails.  The feminine and masculine will be expanded to a divine status and in Sacred Union together you will live a sacred and harmonious life no matter what is happening in the outer world.  You will be the calm in the storm of uncertainty.  This is a powerful place to be and hold for others by example, for this emanates hope, faith, trust and peace which are only found within the sacred self.  The history of the planet is being rewritten and you are the co authors.

Tonight each of you will have the opportunity to release something big that has prevented you from seeing your Divinity.  Whatever this imprint is, we….Anna the grandmother of Jesus, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and our Beloved Jeshua stand within your circle as I the Divine Cosmic Mother radiate to each of you just the perfect harmonic frequency to bring back to life your Divine Blueprint and your solemn commitment to up lift all of Humanity into the next octave of Divine Love.  We honor each of you as you enter this next phase of your initiation….please allow us to over ride the old dense imprints of the past as beloved Chiron joins us in applying the soothing balm of SELF LOVE, the last component of master alchemy that is taking place under this powerful lunation.

As you sit under the magical radiation of this super full moon of Gemini and Sagittarius feel Mother Earth below you sending you her undying devotion to support human life upon this planet and the Wisdom of the Universe through the Divine Cosmic Mother always orchestrating a host of heavenly planets for your expansion into the Light and ask yourself…..What is it that is preventing me from moving forward into the rapture of the fifth dimensional frequencies?  Is it fear itself, lack of self worth, self doubt, guilt or shame….it’s there…invite it forward for a conversation.  Just hold this in the light and see it in its original wound as we come forward tonight to release this density down to a sub atomic cellular level.

Beloveds we commend all of for having the courage and determination to face your Dark Night of the Soul over and over again until you found the very grain of your pain that will be transformed into a pearl of wisdom to place within your heart center.  From tonight forward you will be forever changed and calibrated into your pearl of truth, wisdom and Light….and so it is.

The SS for the Sun at 23* Sagittarius is:‚ÄĚA group of immigrants as they fulfill the requirements of entrance into the new country,‚ÄĚ suggesting that each of us have under gone a series of initiations to enter the next level of our ascension or expansion.¬† For years the Ascended Masters have advised us to release that which holds us back and many tools to assist us along the way.¬† Sagittarius reminds of freedom of spirit and adventure for these will be valid requirements in creating systems in structures in the future that will support unification of Humanity.¬† Perhaps when we fully awaken and become responsible for our creations will we then begin to perceive new ways of solving old destructive creations?

The SS for the Moon at 23* Gemini is:‚ÄĚThree fledglings look out from their high nest,‚ÄĚ suggesting the power of the number three‚Ķ.body, mind, spirit‚Ķ.Father, Son and Holy Ghost‚Ķ..or the building of the rainbow bridge of the mind, the heart and the soul.¬† Remember it‚Äôs just a matter of perception.¬† When we reclaim our Divinity as a spiritual being we find total freedom‚Ķ..for we remember that we are all a part of one another and all that is.¬† There is no separation.¬† The sense of abandonment releases and we feel whole..holy and connected again.

Harmonizing these two frequencies which is the purpose of the full moon creates the opportunity to find our truth away from outside influences and appropriately communicate it to others, all of us sharing our truths, listening to others and ultimately supporting each other even if our truth is different from theirs.  Sag will give us the ability to see the truth beyond what is being shown as the truth for the new lenses provide crystal clarity.  Mercury will go retrograde on December 19th and many have already begun to feel this vibration with technology.  One might want to handle any business and purchases if you must before then.  This retrograde will allow the time for healing and integration of all the transformation we have experienced in the Year of Completion 2016.  Be gentle with yourself and nurture your body mind and spirit with what you put in it.  Drink plenty of thoughtfully charged water.

The Winter Solstice will offer even greater depths of understanding as another portal of Light shines on the path of the future.  We as a collective will anchor vast amount of Light and Self Love upon the planet and all of Humanity.  Then Christmas day will be another power packed day to be aware of so you may act with peace and grace no matter what may show up. There may be a few surprises as the year ends but you already know how to flow with the energies……and so it is.

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