Facebook: Parker Webb Raps Reviewed by admin on . My physical body is 25.5 years old, link as of October 23. I tell spiritual people that I am 2 years old, patient in the sense that I spent 23 of those years in My physical body is 25.5 years old, link as of October 23. I tell spiritual people that I am 2 years old, patient in the sense that I spent 23 of those years in Rating: 0
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Facebook: Parker Webb Raps

_oMy physical body is 25.5 years old, link as of October 23. I tell spiritual people that I am 2 years old, patient in the sense that I spent 23 of those years in what you may call a sleeping state. Or at least that is what it seemed to be, looking back at the narrow bandwidth through which I perceived reality. But any ways, lets keep it ‘real’, shall we? ‚Ķ But what is real? It is quite lovely to ponder that, isn’t it? I asked myself this question upon beginning to wonder what this world is really all about. Questions which arose after being exposed to incidents related to 9/11. My new found disgust with this so called ‘reality’ catalyzed an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, the more knowledge I required, the more I desired. Not after long, information proceeded to infiltrate the veil. I began applying this new found knowledge and affirming it through experience, in an attempt to create an organic belief system based on wisdom.

They say that the wisest man admits he knows nothing, so I strive to remain humble. I believe that tried and true talent, infused with self love, creates humility. I have recently made it a goal of mine to apply such humility to my talent, my craft, my love: Hip Hop. Falling into my lap recently, courteous of an interesting man I met at the musical festival Bonnaroo, was ‘The Gospel of Hip Hop’; a book which has drastically altered the course of my life. After rapping for over 12 years in a sort of robotic unconscious state of mind, I am absolutely delighted that I can finally connect to God while streaming meaningful lyrics in a rhythmic fashion! I rap as a form of therapy for myself and others. I rap as a verbal creator. I rap as Hip Hop itself, embodying the culture which has enveloped my life. Somewhere along my ride on the verbal slide, I managed to earn a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh. It was a mentally torturous experience, which turned out to be more of a weeding out process rather than a learning experience, spitting out anyone who resisted the system; a system which was fundamentally ineffective.

After working as a Structural Inspector for over 2 years, I came to the realization that I learned next to nothing in school that was applicable to what the industry required me to know. I maintained my sanity throughout college by freestyle rapping at frat parties on the weekends, writing lyrics on the bus, and ‘tearing up’ some beats at home after a long hard day. Confidence in my ability to effectively entertain people through lyrical creation began to grow, morphing into a fearless persona which I carried along my travels. For about 3 months, which seemed more like 3 years, I embraced the art of street performance, walking the streets of cities all over the map with a sign reading: ‘ I Rap – You Pick The Topic.’ Earning enough funds from tips to continue traveling, I put gas in my car, and love in my heart. Human interaction was a necessity, I became addicted to meeting and conversing with new people. Little did I know at the time, I had acquired the most useful skill I could ever hope to obtain: the ability to utilize the energy of the people around me. By learning to embrace the love, admiration, and respect that I received, I became capable of giving back that same love through my performances. By the time I reached Seattle, I completely abolished any doubt in my mind that I couldn’t be a professional rapper. I was earning up to $200 a night, doing what I LOVED to do! The coolest part was, I never had to ask for money! People just handed me tips, eager to support my cause! I must admit, money was always in the back of my mind, because of the need to eat and continue traveling. However, it was the opportunity to develop my craft which truly kept me motivated.

Upon returning from that life changing journey about 6 months ago, I am quite pleased to admit that I have not at all lost my passion for Hip Hop. Freestyling daily while maintaining a conscious connection to God has become the most enjoyable part of my life. As I grow with God, I grow with Hip Hop. As I grow with Hip Hop, I grow with God. It is safe to say that I am now addicted to raising my vibration. I embrace a diet with a majority of raw foods, partake in mediation and yoga, and gather up as much knowledge as possible. Mind, body, and spirit unite! I will not be fully satisfied with my life’s progress until I am performing on the main stage at Bonnaroo, the same festival in which I first realized my mission: to integrate God and Hip Hop; a union which defines my life now, and forever. Amen.

Parker Webb
Brighton Heights

Facebook: Parker Webb Raps

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