Love Evolution Festival by Trilodeon Reviewed by Unity Voice on . Friday, search February 7, 2014   6pm to 10p Follow your heart and find gifts of Love at LoveEvolution Fest! Th Friday, search February 7, 2014   6pm to 10p Follow your heart and find gifts of Love at LoveEvolution Fest! Th Rating: 0
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Love Evolution Festival by Trilodeon

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Friday, search February 7, 2014   6pm to 10p

Follow your heart and find gifts of Love at LoveEvolution Fest! This multi-media extravaganza is a celebration of Love’s infinite potential to connect, heal and create the world our hearts know is possible. Enjoy an evening of delights featuring diverse local visionaries in music, arts, crafts, spirit, healing, all love-centric. Whether you are a valentine or soul divine there is something for everyone: Shop handcrafted gifts, indulge in massage bodywork, move your soul to the groove, see magical visions. Costumes encouraged, and hands on activities will abound. Open love’s scope wider and see this brilliant abundance in our community.

FEEL THE Love OF these makers at Love Evolution Fest!
ø•*`*•ø¸ Music & Performance ¸ø•*`*•ø¸¸ø•*`*•ø¸
* DJ SmokiFantastic * Blissed out in Gaia Rythym

* Weird Paul * Mind blowing Lo-Fi Xerox Rock

* Sneaky Mike * Beyond music, beyond art

* Kiyla Kinetics * Spirit Whirled and Love twirled

* Live to Love Band * Spiritual World Love Pop

* Hills and Rivers * Post-apocalyptic river folk. From the roots to the branches, the springs to the sea.


* Kallisto* Fusion & Belly Dance graceful flow

* Vox Lumina * the Land of Organically Generated Sound, Time, and Form

* Dominic Antonelli * Acoustic guitar folk fusion

* Living Word Music Group * Heal & Transform through the Power of Sound

* Niffer of Trilodeon * Love Evolutionary, festival organizer

¸ø•*`*•ø¸¸ø•*`*•ø¸ ART & VENDORS¸ø•*`*•ø¸

* Vehement Romantic * Nature inspired jewels & treasures

* Mike Madsen * Art that expresses itself through the majesty of the human creature.

* Third Day Luxury Soaps * Healthy skin for living on the planet earth

* Peaceburgh * Community of Pittsburgher’s working to create a healthy, conscious, sustainable city.

* Alisa Jacobson * Transcendant geometries in figural form

* Vegan Goddess * Where decadence meets compassion

* Kreepy Dolls * One of kind Kreepy creatures made with Love

* Johnathan Winslow * A sacred shamanic dance around the canvas.

* Bobbi Williams * Movements of sound and light mused by the intelligent energy of freedom


* Thrice Great Apparel * Hand-painted one of a kind custom reality altering t shirts

* Abraham Bevilacqua * Transcendant Psychedelic Art

* Trilodeon Evolutionary Arts * Arts Tools Toys to LivE your Evolution!

* The Spirit Garden * Hats, Pendulums, Jewelry bags inspired by the love of spirit

* Asia Lae Bizzay *

* Matthew Stull *

¸ø•*`*•ø¸¸ø•*`*•ø¸ Healing Arts ¸ø•*`*•ø¸¸ø•*`*•ø¸¸

* Victoria Zaits * Reiki & Readings

*Hilary Odom Brown* Massage

* Paul Dalton * Reiki master of the Usui Reiki Ryoho

The festival is partnered with these awesome community organizations and press: Owl Tribe, Heart of Pittsburgh, Peaceburgh, Nakturnal, Unblurred on Penn Gallery Crawl and more.

Looking forward to hearing from you and making this show rock! Together we can Live, Love, Evolve.

Thank you for the brilliant love and see you there, Peaceburrrgh
? Niffer

Love is a sacred reserve of energy; it is like the blood of spiritual evolution.
~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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