“My Vision for Peaceburgh 2023” by Amanda Leigh Reviewed by Unity Voice on . "My Vision for Peaceburgh 2023"¬† by Amanda Leigh ¬†I just woke up this morning from my futon/sleeping mat on the groundfloor of my amazing indoor/outdoor ecohome "My Vision for Peaceburgh 2023"¬† by Amanda Leigh ¬†I just woke up this morning from my futon/sleeping mat on the groundfloor of my amazing indoor/outdoor ecohome Rating: 0
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“My Vision for Peaceburgh 2023” by Amanda Leigh

DSCF1873sm“My Vision for Peaceburgh 2023”¬† by Amanda Leigh

¬†I just woke up this morning from my futon/sleeping mat on the groundfloor of my amazing indoor/outdoor ecohome in beautiful, more about vibrant, here community oriented Brighton Heights. Half the year I travel to tropical locations, and the other half I live here in this awesome space. My home is designed to bring in fresh air and use the natural light of the sun, collect rainwater, and supply power to my super cool hybrid car that uses several fuel sources, including solar, water, electric, and magnetic. I don’t use it often though, since I love riding my bike, walking, jogging and running everywhere! What used to be my garbage bin (which I rarely used since most things can be composted too) is now a matter converter for organic materials, and only organic plant based materials are allowed to be used in the construction and creation of the new Peaceburgh.
Everything has become a lot simpler since nearly all of the large corporations collapsed within two years of one another about seven years ago. It was inevitable, with the way they were abusing the resources. People simply chose to stop supporting them, and the cards came flying down.
After waking I stretch and listen in silence. and then blissfully take a walk through the forest. Nature paths now connect to every main road, so I am able to walk through a beautiful serene environment right as I walk out of my home. Much of the concrete is now being removed, revealing beautiful spaces where composting is occurring and gardens are growing.
I head up to one of our Tropical Spaces located in several Peaceburgh areas. We now have enough tropical fruit trees growing to feed the whole greater Allegheny Area. It’s only getting bigger, too – not to mention all the community food forest that are growing temperate-climate fruits all over the place! The Tropical Spaces are really exciting to me, though, since I am a Lover of Fruit and I know that eating tropical fruit is the best thing we can do for our amazing bodies. The Spaces are like big, enclosed bubbles surrounded by forests. Like conservatories. They are incredibly intuitive, making full use of the sunlight, rainwater, wind, and snow. They use as much natural water as they can to create a humid, hot atmosphere like the tropical rain forest. This morning I am making a meal of six sweet, juicy, delicious mangoes picked right from the tree! It’s amazing. I’m so grateful for this project, and everyone’s contribution to creating it. I sit in the forest, enjoying my mangoes, listening to the birds sing and all the messages of mother earth.
After this lovely moment, I blissfully walk home through the forest. At home I go to my green rooftop and water my vegetable garden that also grows all year round thanks to collapsible greenhouses that most homes are now built with, which use a similar technology as the Tropical Spaces. I greet the butterflies in my butterfly garden and smile as I get excited for my day. I pack my water in lightweight hemp bottles and attach them to my bike. I am so thankful that I know I can get free, whole, fresh, ripe, raw organic fruits anywhere I may want to go now. I used to have to pack food to bring with me, but now I am at ease knowing the earth and the community will take care of my needs. I take the forest trail down to the river trail, which is now much cleaner than ever before, thanks to the collapse of the chemical industry.
Our sacred rivers are now chemical free, and clean enough to drink from. I have so much fun swimming in these sacred waters and riding in the free community clean-green river boats, and kayaking. Ever since the fountain began to flow again at the Sacred Point of Power, these rivers have been sending out our collective, powerful, unified intention of love and peace and UNITY with ever-more accelerating vibrational power. I am heading down to teach and learn at an education event we organize every two weeks about how to live a vibrant, abundant, healthful existence overflowing with joy, satisfaction, and true Well-Being. Some of my favorite teachers have been here, including the amazing Dr. Doug Graham, who is still thriving like a champ into his seventies.
Many, many beautiful souls have been through here and shared their perspective and wisdom. This began as the Free School community, a grassroots project of a few hundred and now is blossoming and touching the hearts and minds and lives of thousands of people. Many of our Peaceburgh town’s native companies who have been here for decades have been really stepping into the Light and acknowledging the impact they have on everything around them- they are contributing in countless ways to help make this space a more vibrant, beautiful, unified, healthful place in which to co-exist.
Seeing this journey and being a part of this has been so incredibly fulfilling and remarkable. This is bigger than anything any One of us could have created by ourselves.
Collective Unified Intention Is Powerful and WE ARE CONSCIOUS MANIFESTORS.

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