Occupy the one Mind Reviewed by Sven Hosford on . Occupy the One Mind Adapted from a presentation for the Evolver Convergence June 2, mind 2012 on the topic “Crisis and Opportunity in a post-Occupy World” By Sv Occupy the One Mind Adapted from a presentation for the Evolver Convergence June 2, mind 2012 on the topic “Crisis and Opportunity in a post-Occupy World” By Sv Rating:
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Occupy the one Mind

Occupy the One Mind

Adapted from a presentation for the Evolver Convergence June 2, mind 2012
on the topic “Crisis and Opportunity in a post-Occupy World”

By Sven Hosford

It was quite an honor to be asked to present some thoughts on this topic, approved although at first it was a tad puzzling as I had not been a participant nor was I an expert on building collaborative organizations, approved like the other two panelists were. From 1994 to 2009, I published a regional magazine in the Pittsburgh area called Point of Light, which explored organic food, yoga, holistic health and spirituality.
It quickly became clear that what I offer is perspective, and as a lifelong journalist, the ability to ask some hard, probing, open-ended questions. Specifically, I bring the perspective of someone with a few decades of experience in talking to hundreds of experts on consciousness, healing modalities and spirituality. These experts helped form a picture of the essential unity of life for me, a picture that was just a skeleton of ideas in 1994 when the magazine began. Back then there was one place in Pittsburgh to get organic produce, one Reiki Master and a lonely handful of yoga instructors. I, and a few hardcore believers, knew we were onto something, but most people thought we were nuts.
So for some perspective, compare those days to today. The last twenty years have seen a dramatic shift in consciousness. That’s the second shift I want you to consider.
The first shift occurred way before I started the magazine. You see, besides a conviction that these topics needed to be addressed thoughtfully and positively in the media, I started the magazine with the concrete certainty that there is much more to what we call “thought” or “the mind. My skeleton of understanding of the essential unity began with a psychic awakening in the form of a dream when I was 17. Conveyed in a vivid series of scenes, I saw what I later discovered was a good friend’s childhood. Once I knew with certainty that thoughts can slip from one mind to the next, the nature of my personal psycho-spiritual quest changed dramatically from that point forward, and it certainly colored my thinking as a journalist. For example, in journalism, the goal is to be a neutral, dispassionate, observer, seems farcical in the face of disquieting little quantum facts like the Observer Effect, which says that the simple act of observing a scientific experiment changes the outcome. This has been messing with the Collective Mind of quantum physicists for years.
Three years after my awakening I was given a book called Being a Christ by Peter V. Meyer, DD1, who claims the information in it was channeled information from the immortal master Mahavatar Babaji. Babaji is most widely known for being in the guru lineage of Paramahansa Yogananda, author of the iconic Autobiography of a Yogi.?2 Meyer’s book outlines Babaji’s concern that westerners, who lacked the cultural conditioning of the East, would find it nearly impossible, as beginning meditators, to break through the dark cloud of negativity that surrounds the planet. This cloud is the psychic residue of eons of mankind’s inhumanity. Still being actively fed in some parts of the world, more passively fed in others, this cloud is a tremendous barrier to conscious contact with the immortal Self.
This cloud prevents the very thing our soul longs for the most—to have conscious contact between our mind-based ego (that would be YOU, reading this right now) and the immortal Self, or Christ Self, which resides topside of the cloud. From reading this book, the big news for me was that Christ is a state of consciousness that resides deep within us, a state that Jesus demonstrated, then said, “These things I do, ye shall do, and even greater things, ye shall do.” With that knowledge tucked away in the ole cranium, suddenly Jesus’ actual words made perfect sense.
Fast-forward another three years. I’m finding it much easier to do the meditations outlined in the book, and making some marvelous metaphysical headway. Where was this dark cloud? I tracked down Peter Meyer by phone to see if he’d give me some insight. He said the book had been written in 1962 when the cloud had been strong. It was now twenty years later—1983. Simply put, the ’60s had blown the darkest parts of the cloud clean off the planet. Each person who tuned in and tripped out, who was able to puncture the cloud and make contact with their Christ in meditation, shot a permanent hole in the cloud and diminished its power to obstruct. You might say that when the Beatles went Hindu with the Maharishi, the cloud took a serious Beating.

So let’s compare these two twenty-year shifts in consciousness—the early ‘60s to early ‘80s, and the early ‘90s to today. From the ‘60s to the ‘80s, we saw women, people of color, and people who like to sleep with their own gender all enjoy dramatic improvements in how they are accepted and assimilated into society. Not that the job is complete, nor did it happen without conflict and turmoil, to be sure, but an overall improvement both legally and culturally nonetheless. You might call this a rise in consciousness in how we all treat each other. Oh yeah, we stopped a war, too.
From the early 90’s to today we see a rise in consciousness about what we know about consciousness. Stunning scientific experiments and breakthroughs give solid understanding about the nature of reality and, of course, open up a whole can of hard, probing, open-ended whoop-ass worms posing as questions. All of this coincides with an explosion in yoga, organics, alternative spirituality and green everything. Every one of these things is tied to higher consciousness and represents the most dramatic shift in the consciousness of consciousness since the Age of Enlightenment, which was fueled by the writings of Jefferson and Emerson.
The science of consciousness is mind-blowing, and would be society-shifting if the snooze media actually and accurately reported it. Let’s look at some of these breakthroughs.
One of my most memorable interviews was with Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon. He designed and piloted the lunar module, which he flew on Apollo 14, and did the much-ridiculed ESP experiments on the way there (which were all quite successful). He then had a full-blown mystical awakening—a period of pure bliss and awareness of the Unity of the Universe—on the ride home. Apparently watching the sun, the moon, the earth and a thousand times more stars (a thousand times brighter than we see here on earth) go past your window every two minutes has mystical power.
Upon landing and coming back to his normal senses, he did what any good scientist would do and asked, “What the heck was THAT?” Then he set out to find what science was available on consciousness. Discovering little but Indian mysticism and spoon-bender Uri Geller, he founded what is now the premier organization on the planet devoted to the pure research of consciousness, the Institute of Noetic Science.?3
He assured me that telepathy is very scientifically provable. The tests are repeatable and relentlessly positive. He said he could teach any 8 year-old to bend spoons or do remote viewing, in which someone puts their finger on a map and the viewer describes the location. Sadly by 12, most kids learn that such things cannot be done, and they can no longer be taught.
Another breakthrough is the mind-bending truth that when groups of experienced meditators gather in one spot to meditate, the crime-rate is reduced in the local area. So are rates for auto accidents and house fires. In other words, peace breaks out. I meditated in the first year-long experiment of this effect at the Himalayan Institute in the Pocono Mountains of northwestern PA.?4 Conducted by John Davies, this was one in a long history of experiments?5 that was discussed by the quantum physicist and long-time meditator John Hagelin?6 in the 2004 documentary What the Bleep Do We Know.7
This is evidence of what I call the One Mind, but has been called Communal Mind, Collective Mind, Group Mind, and in its shadow manifestation, Mob Mentality. It all demonstrates a basic principle I call “There’s One Mind in the Universe, and we all share it.” Raising the consciousness of higher consciousness has always, does now and will continue to uplift the whole. Even one person meditating alone brings peace into their space and keeps the dark cloud at bay. And when we discover the true nature of mind, and work in Unity, we unleash our real power.
Another set of breakthroughs was described to me by Pittsburgh psychologist and researcher Greg Nicosia.?8 As an early pioneer in energy medicine, he has been doing research for over three decades, and has trained thousands of mental health professionals, in techniques that combine ancient Eastern knowledge of the human energy system with modern understanding of quantum physics.
He has also participated in group experiments that involved changing the outcome of Random Number Generators (RNG). RNGs are simple mechanical devices that do one thing: create random numbers and record them and/or transmit them to a central recording system. It is another repeatable fact that when groups of people focus on one thing—and that one thing can be anything—the numbers generated by nearby RNGs become LESS random. The degree of focus can be measured by the degree of non-randomness. With practice, the group also was able to focus on a group agreement that metal was not solid, and metal bars became putty. They would also collectively agree that electronic devices had other uses than the stated one, and copy machines would make toast.
Author Greg Braden spoke of this next phenomenon in his first workshop in Pittsburgh in 2005. His books explore the absolute cutting edge of where science and spirituality align. He introduced us to the Global Coherence Project,?9 that has placed over a hundred of those RNGs around the globe, and has been tracking the randomness of the numbers generated for several years. On 9/11 they noticed an amazing thing. The level of non-randomness hit an all-time high at the moment of impact and for the next few hours. You would expect that, with the world glued to their televisions in horror. The very weird thing is that the non-randomness charted out as a bell curve. While the impact of the planes was the top of the curve, the beginning of the curve actually started 36 hours before the first plane hit the World Trade Center. In other words, the collective mind of humanity knew with growing certainty for a day and a half BEFORE it actually happened that a major world-focusing event was going to happen.
So how does your typical blow-dried news Twinkie even begin reporting a story like that? That’s right, they don’t. Or you get a ten-second meaningless sound bite before a break for the weather.
“Scientists now say everyone in the world has precognitive skill. Speaking of precognition, how’s that seven-day forecast look, Biff?”
Then along comes Occupy, the perfect manifestation of the Communal Mind (or pick a phrase), and to be reported as anything less than such misses the point.
And here’s Muffy and Tad on the News desk who didn’t have a clue as to what was really going on or how to report it. So first they ignored it, then they ridiculed it… You know the drill. Eventually the conversation changed, and the movement won. The conversation stopped being the tea party talking points that debt is socialism (or something—I didn’t really pay attention to them) to the fact that one percent of our fellow humans have swindled, and continue to swindle, the rest of us, and we are extremely disgruntled about it.
If the Occupy movement accomplishes nothing else, it has done this: a new generation—a much more enlightened generation—has now seen the power of One Mind: when enough people focus their attention on not just the injustice, not just on creating the world we want to see, but first and foremost on getting people to talk and think about the cause. There are so many more tools available to this generation, and now you all have the most important tool of all: experience.
Your generation does have so many more tools in your toolbox. You come in with everything my generation, and all previous ones, have learned as your starting point. You come in with some awareness of the One Mind burrowed in your DNA. It is instinctual for your generation to think of “What’s in it for us?” instead of “What’s in it for me?” (Not everyone to be sure, but from my perspective, a whole lot more than we saw in the ME-generation of the ‘80s).
I know from friends in the Occupy movement that along with inspiring ideals, moments of beautiful harmony, and much lofty rhetoric, there was also friction, disillusionment and finally disgust. My question is what did you expect from a bunch of disgruntled people? This is all a part of the natural process. First we are inspired. Then we are tested. Then we discover how hard and how many of us are willing to work to make it happen.
My suggestion (not as an active participant, but as someone with some mind-time to spare) is to continue to work with the power of the One Mind. But this raises those hard, probing, open-ended questions. What does this new society look like? If we are all telepathic, what professions become moot? How will we pass our time? And the question so eloquently asked by Charles Eisenstein in his book Sacred Economics,?10 what sort of economy will we have?
More importantly, are YOU ready to be completely transparent? Can you live in a world where all your thoughts are known to everyone? Where every slimy putrid wormy little secret is wide open for public view? Have you cleaned up your mental and emotional act? Forget privacy. That is the bad news.
The good news is there’s no judgment from the Universe, and as you clean up your act and learn compassion, there’s less judgment in your own heart as well.
Also the sex is GREAT! Being in complete mental and emotional harmony with another is the essence of the bliss of Tantra.
So from my perspective, the future looks bright. Your new generation has the tools, the skills and now the experience to bring about radical change peacefully. If we all think together, this next decade will make the ‘60s look like the ‘50s.

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