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Peaceburgh 2022

timearticlePeaceburgh Blog: November 11,  2022. Welcome to all our new visitors from around the globe. What a thrill it is to see how interconnected we are on this auspicious anniversary. Some of you have been emailing me questions such as, “How is your city different then Zurich, Honolulu or Istanbul? How did the city of Pittsburgh become known as the city of Unity, and become widely known as Peaceburgh? When did you first start working together in Unity? How did you know working in Unity was important?”

Let me start off by giving you a snapshot of a day in my life in Peaceburgh and then some history on how we got here. This morning I zipped up my one-piece silver jumpsuit, put on my red helmet, equipped with GPS and voice activated phone, then sped off on my shiny silver and black electric cycle. Along the way, most of the houses and even some office buildings sprouted small solar greenhouses capable of producing food year-round. These greenhouses are visible signs that people are taking more responsibility for their own food sources. My destination was a zero-carbon-footprint green glass building located at the entrance of a newly discovered ancient cave inside of Mt. Washington. Our area’s original inhabitants used this cave for meditation over ten thousand years ago, just as we do today. Back then, one teacher taught one student; today we stream live video classes on the latest scientific and spiritual discoveries to an eager world. The 24/7 OM chant, performed by a rotating group of dedicated peace-workers, is one the most popular streams.

The first of today’s video conferences covers the external aspects of urban revitalization. First up is how we’ve developed high-speed passenger rail and miles of new bike and pedestrian trails to dramatically reduced the number of cars on the road. We’ve actually made commuting fun. And since only electric cars are allowed “dahntahn,” our river valleys are no longer filled with exhaust fumes!

Next will be a presentation on advanced digital education that allows every student to have access to the best education possible. Additional workshops will explore urban land use, communal living, and overhauling the city’s tax-structure to help reduce the emotional and financial stress on individuals and families.

But the conference I was most interested in deals with the internal aspects of creating Unity—giving people the tools to become spiritually awake, conscious and actively living love on the planet. That conference chronicles how we became known as the city of Unity; how so many of us became conscious and how important it is for the Earth to have more of us wake up. We define “asleep” as merely surviving, being miserable, self-absorbed and easily controlled by fear. “Awake” means an awareness of the fact that we are all one (one spirit) here on Earth. The awareness of this truth is real freedom: freedom from fear, freedom from lack and freedom from loneliness.

I remember how important it was eleven years ago to connect with like-minded people. At that time, the year 2012 held the world’s attention. We knew years before the actual date that humanity would have the choice to go through a positive spiritual transformation, and that 2012 would mark the beginning of a new era. Although there was some dispute among scholars as to the exact meaning of the Mayans prophesies, their calendar did accurately predict the very real alignment of the earth with the center of the Galaxy, which created a new cycle of time—a rebirth, a change in consciousness. We moved from self-absorption toward individual service. Millions of us felt a major new door open, marking the ascent to a new spiritual world age.

We knew the old paradigm used to motivate us was greed. Mass media bombarded us daily with bully tactics. The old paradigm power structure preferred an intimidated population, frantically consuming unneeded goods in the futile attempt to feel fulfilled. The new paradigm rejected the corporate greed bully, and reached for a higher vision, to stop the fear of not being or having enough. We did this work by going within, by helping one another, by forgiving ourselves and others. Groups of dedicated individuals worked together to stretch and grow our consciousness. We worked on the fundamentals of living peace, balance and expressing love—how to be Human BEings rather than Human DOings. These internal changes were the fertilizer for the grass roots movements that have led to so many positive changes in how we now live our lives.

One significant date in the shift from old to new paradigms was eleven years ago today, November 11, 2011, or as it became known, 11:11:11. On this date, a great spiritual gathering anchored the new energy into our city. With full conscious use of the Law of Attraction, we downloaded a powerful new love energy that was uniquely available at that time. A deep sense of Unity was awakened, a dormant spark within each of us fanned to a bright flame, a new doorway stood open, as the invisible threads that connect us were made visible. Contrary to the doomsday predictions of Hollywood and fearmongers, we didn’t just survive the shift in 2012, we exploded out of it, into a world of peace, love and prosperity, or what we call “Health, Wealth and Wisdom.”

As we like to say here in Peacebugh, “Namaste ‘nat!”

Peaceburgh, the City of Unity in 2022 by Tamar George
(Psychics cannot predict the future but they can foresee trends and patterns of energy racing off in different directions toward a future.
Here is my vision of the future after 2012)


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