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How did the 11:11 happen and how did the 11:11:11 happen in Pittsburgh, Pa.

These two events changed our world and changed our city.
When did you begin to awaken? Did you discover off the wall book stores, secret books, maybe asking secret questions. Always wondering why you didn’t seem to fit or why you were so different? Maybe you knew things others had no clue about. A lot of us hide our internal questions from our family or friends that we want answers for. We secretly ponder what and why we are here on planet Earth. Some of us ask others some really deep questions only to get a blank stare back in response. Or worse than a stare, the same old dogmatic answers. Most people never even ask if there is a greater plan for Earth. For decades I had been fine tuning my intuition, working with Spirit on how to walk in Love and live Love. Also asking, sometimes pleading with my guides over and over about what that greater plan was for the Earth?

The answers did arrive in wondrous ways and my normal world was shaken awake by Spirit. It was the year of the Harmonic Convergence (August 15, 1987) but I never made it to the event. I only learned about the event after the fact. The first planetary group event that I attended was Crystal Light Link. Crystal Light Link (activating the crystal grids in April 1989. I remember this event as a calling to Shamballa (Home of Spirit) announcing, ‘we are here’ with an answer coming back from Spirit saying, ‘WE ARE HERE.’ It was a sending of energy back and forth, light coming from the planet to the cosmos. This was very important because it established a two-way system instead of simply one-way energy coming in to Earth. The light workers were finally awakening out of the thick veil of fear to be able to call and get an answer back. We were picking up the cosmic phone and saying “hello are you there?”

On January 11, 1992, The 11:11 was an encoded symbol held in our DNA and was activated 1/11/92. I facilitated the 11:11 event in Pittsburgh, PA for both the morning and evening ceremony’s. This event was a group statement that we wanted our ‘Atlantean’ power back and we would be responsible for it. You could insert responsibility here for our Atlantean Power. Since I wrote a book about my memories of Atlantis, that statement fits for me. This was a major call to save the planet. In both the morning and evening we had over a hundred people participating in the ceremony. We also had an article written about the event in Pittsburgh’s major newspaper. We were not only out of the closet we were mainstream.

The 11:11 was the beginning of the ending of the experiment of duality. There was also the growing realization that we are in the Times of Completion, the final days of duality. Many of us could and can still feel the life-force slipping away from duality. Solid matter was becoming increasingly transparent and duality was dissolving. Suddenly the life we had been living, our old selves, our old value systems had become limp and lifeless. That old reality no longer felt real. At the same time, the gap between who we really are and who we embody in daily life was also becoming increasingly uncomfortable. Some of us desperately wanted to bridge this gap and experience full integration. Duality is yin and yang, black and white, opposites. There was a new plan for Earth and it is called, UNITY. The definition of unity is negotiation, right action instead of reaction while maintaining individuation in Unity. No more separation, everything is done in Unity. Everything is done for that good of the all. Everything is done because we are the merge into Oneness. We Are ONE!

On October 12, 1996 at 7:30 p.m., I participated in the event called Re-Calibration. This light working of energy took the planet from a second ray planet to third ray. Third ray is active intelligence/Intelligent Activity. Email me if you want more information on certain points (or events) throughout this story.

Grid: One more chance.
In the year 2000-2001, I was actively working on the grid surrounding the earth. The grid is a function of the geomagnetic energy of the planet and the galactic magnetic energy coming to the planet. This renewed energy is a means of keeping the life force of the planet in a state of continued growth in order to fulfill the workings of the greater plan. After Atlantis sunk (10,000 or so years ago) the grid was shifted after such abuse and misuse of Power. It was also shifted in order that there would no longer be any undue influence to the earth dimension by energy outside of it. It was a command of LEAVE THE HUMANS ALONE and let them grow and learn. The shift out of the old alignments of energy had happened before at different times in Earth History. The major shifts were caused by Fire, Water, Ice, then by Fire again. This shift was not to be total destruction in order to rebuild. This was “shift happens” and this time you will feel it internally.
The grid was needing to shift back to its original position because life force was needing this frequency shift. It was a plugging in, getting our power back that we once had. It also meant major responsibility. It was after all the shift in ages, the Piscean Age to the Aquarian. This shift was assisted by those (144,000, Christ Consciousness or Guardianship) At the 1:11 event, the Christ consciousness was needed with 144,000 (it didn’t matter if you knew all this info) it just mattered that it was a working of Unity. Many answered the call and around the world we had more then the needed number. Yes, the 11:11 that was done in Pittsburgh and it was also done in remote huts or cities around the world. The Christ Consciousness chose to change the grid to fit the pattern of humanity which was now moving toward the open door of the highest possible working of the Plan.

FINALLY, a new plan based on love instead of fear for planet Earth.
That was a huge statement because we are living in a love based blueprint instead of a Fear based blueprint. Especially as the energy of the Divine Feminine keeps downloading into Earth each month.

At every point in history there have been those who chose to come here to help guard, guide, sustain and create the function of life force energy here on Earth. These Guardians here on earth hold the blueprint of Source through the physical realm. Throughout history these beings have been referred to as Avataric energy. Avataric energy is one who can be the example of love and is a teacher of love. Avataric is another title for those who are a part of the composite function of the 144,000. The 144,000 you might also recognize from what you already read as as being called the Christ Consciousness. The 144,000 are those who are awake and living the actual example of being the Christ. The Christ is a title. Christ means being the example of the higher consciousness of love at every moment. All of the statements are for the brain, the heart just wants to continue to LIVE LOVE.
The new grid (along with the highest intent) was re-patterned and the world as we know it changed on June 21, 2001. This working awakened the Christ Consciousness of the Planet.

Between 2001-2009 I’ve continued the work of fine tuning the grid by traveling to the major waterways of the planet. I have traveled the Nile, Amazon, Mississippi, Rhine, Mediterranean and the underground waterways of the Yucatan. At these waterways, which contained an energy seed that had been lying dormant since Atlantis. These seeds of energy sat waiting for activation by those who could understand the encoded plan on how to do this working. These activation’s could be done energetically by those who originally closed them down. Other messengers/channels/teachers report that these changes happened with the grid, (never actually saying who did them) except to say, different groups had different workings to do.

So what does this have to do with Pittsburgh and our 3 or 4 Rivers? *getting there…
The Grid had to change otherwise the Earth vessel and life force on the planet could not hold the frequency of the energy being sent from Source. Think of a loose high voltage wire hanging in the air. This wire needs to be grounded and connected to a like energy source. Since humanity is now functioning at higher spiritual levels (energy as higher thought consciousness moving from earth to the heavens), while higher frequencies of Source energy are coming into the planet. A new kind of grid is necessary to allow these higher frequencies to pass through without consequence.
Lately, in 2008, 2009, the life force on the planet has experienced a vast frequency shift because of the work that has been done. This frequency shift could be compared to a computer software program being upgraded to a higher sophisticated level.
Recap back to the 11:11 and the beginning of the end of duality. The choice was to change the grid so it will perfectly fit the energy pattern that humanity is moving toward, (which is Oneness) and that new pattern will open the door to the highest possible working of the Plan.

Why are we so easy to anger right now? What is the HUGE SHIFT that is happening? And what is the deal with the August 21, 2017 Eclipse?

The Shift?
Feelings of Chaos, impending doom, helplessness, not knowing where you fit? What the heck is this energy? Note that there is an unconscious sense that the old matrix is breaking up and we are all feeling that collective consciousness. The fear part is always from not knowing where our stability might be and what role we might play in this new world?
After all how can you help the world if you’re only in charge of yourself? The greater knowing is that being in charge of your self does help the world. It raises the frequency of Love; it is the positive example that helps balance the chaos. The Universe uses that energy.

What about all the others that interfere with my world?
The behaviors showing up in the world right now are from the ‘fear’ of change. Depression, anger, sadness and threatening behaviors. Positive responses in the world that display the right use of will are the recent peaceful protests. It is necessary to stand up and say we are not willing to accept this reality that you are telling us to accept. Whether it is Political, Religious or from our own families. Replacing the old matrix reality with something better is a much greater plan than just being cynical and lashing out at others for their role. It would be amazing if we could all just visualize a better plan? Yes, creating a whole new matrix of belief that work for all of us. What do we want?
We could even choose to discuss and post things that are hopeful, inspiring and mind blowing creative.
The Anger?
We are pure Creator spirit and we are perfection: Our beliefs believe we are not enough. The anger comes from giving up on ourselves and not believing that we are pure light and love. We just give up, make excuses and justify our behavior. We don’t have to deny that human response because we can replace it with awareness and creative thinking. Yes, It can easily be replaced by other creative forms of positive thinking. I read once that if you eat too much sitting down, stand up and eat.
You are only in charge of you. You are the only one in control of your right actions or your old responses and you know these ancient issues by your outbursts of anger. What are your old beliefs, so you can clear, release and be grateful.

The DNA?
It’s likely if you’re still reading this, your DNA is changing and it’s just going to happen. It’s going to happen whether you know it or not. It’s about the ascension process. You will experience these genetic changes. The original word Christ was a title for someone who had obtained a certain level of initiation which had to do with living LOVE. The return of “Christ” is and will be in the form of many who will embody the new genetics moving beyond limitation within human form. In moving beyond limitation, the individual also moves out of fear.
This new template allows you to walk in full unison with your Higher Self in every moment.
Changing your emotions helps the DNA to allow the process. You also need to change your thoughts because to do these two things (emotions/thoughts) means to change your biochemistry and your brain chemistry. The rewiring of the brain is establishing a stronger, heart, brain gut response.
You will need to focus your intention on maintaining your inner Peace and Power as you pass through this period of challenge and testing as you bridge between the New and the Old in your lives. Do not despair, do not fall into victim consciousness or anger, but allow yourselves to remain in that place of Trust and Flow. It is a time to go within and surrender your ego to your greater power (the Source within you) while allowing yourself to flow into the changes with confidence and trust.
Dietary changes and this shift: a new awareness that food can be used as frequency that helps for an easier assimilation of higher frequencies from Source.

Times of Exhaustion, Tired of Time Beliefs

7/17/17 Time warps and the entering of dimensional time space. Time feels like it is moving quickly and at times you don’t realize what day it is, let alone what time. Time is a reality created construct; we are all a part of the belief in time on Planet Earth. Also the more we relate to time in our lives, the more we relate to fear. Choose to get over what happened in the past and choose to not worry about the future. Stay in the moment. Get over your past by forgiving yourself for being in this Earth classroom. Forgive self, others and the Universe. Gratitude opens the door to what you are working on to manifest as a happier life.

We are opening the door at the Eclipse to the new and the unknown.
The Mayans talked about patterns and cycles and counted them. They stated the first cycle is the completion of the Galactic Year. The Mayans believed that it takes 225 million Earth years for the Milky Way Galaxy to make one complete rotation in the sky, and that December 21, 2012 marked the end of a Galactic Year.
The Mayans also believe that 2012 also marks the end of a 26 million year Earth cycle, a 78,000 year Earth cycle and the close of the 26,000 year Mayan Calendar. This Eclipse marks a 76,000 year mark, to take Earth from 3rd density (that has had everything to do with fear) to 4th density (which has everything to do with LOVE) it is an upgrade, a new way of being. And that is the SHIFT. This is the SHIFT that HAPPENS. WE Finally made it to the return of the Divine Feminine, the return of Love, to Unity Consciousness and the Golden Age that will arrive.
We have already talked about how our fears are coming up to be released in order to live in love.
We will have more clearing, to get ready for even more incoming energy that will take this planet from FEAR to that golden age of PEACE. Sure, some will notice they are grooving as Source energy in this world, creating and manifesting, being a part of the solution. Others will remain greedy, cynical and will firmly stand and shout about their fears that will surly spiral them down into the never ending pit of karma. It’s a choice and it is the Battle over oneself.
(you might read past energy reports on the Divine Feminine Return)

With so many heartbreaking situations and yet there is hope with the energy that is downloading powerful waves of light The energy is amplifying what is in us. The Point/Confluence/Rivers are all amplifying what is in us. It’s a lot of chaos and depending upon your perspective it’s either wonderful or difficult.
What happened (7) years ago to get us to this Point? The end of duality and its completion was announced to take place on November 11, 2011. This was to be a clean slate.
Remember we opened the possibility of ending duality and now that possibility was a success. The shift had happened. This event was titled the 11:11:11. By 2012 we will be living in the energy of Oneness. The 11:11:11 was successful in the city of Pittsburgh for 2012. We had hundreds of people show up to download a new unity program for Pittsburgh. We made it official that day because over a 100 warriors of Light claimed this city as Peaceburgh. Yes, Peaceburgh a crystal city of Love, Light and Peace.
Link to post gazette article.
There is power in this date, said Tamar George, spokeswoman for a Pittsburgh group seeking unity as the year counts down to 2012.
The unity event will begin shortly before 11:07 a.m. today on the grassy banks of the North Shore near Heinz Field. “It’s not a party, it’s not a social gathering,” Ms. George said. “It’s a meditation, sort of a silent observance of the desire to work in unity.” The group views the coming year as a clean slate, and this morning’s event will help transition into it.
What happened the day of the 11:11:11? On the North Shore of Pittsburgh, we gathered and listened to the sacred buffalo drum (drumming a powerful human heartbeat ) a unified heartbeat in Unity. We claimed and chanted our intent of downloading sacred ideals of loving higher consciousness living into our city. As we did this working we could stand by the rivers using the power of 3 Rivers amplification and direct the energy. It was also fun to see our magnificent city from the North Shore. That day, that energy, that was the clean slate, our words were creating the blueprint of the NEW.
We claimed a progressive city of Light and Love. A sacred Crystal City and named it Peaceburgh. We were graced by the presence of a Buddhist monk that chanted over the water down at the river’s edge that we had already poured our new sacred blueprint into. That intent of ‘loving one another’ water was then poured into the 3 Rivers to be carried forth to the other rivers and eventually into the oceans of the world. That day was cold with a thick grey cloud cover, but the moment we claimed our city to be Peaceburgh the clouds opened up in a split second and a beam of sun light (so bright you needed sunglasses) beamed a solid golden ray of confirmation majestically over the Point. Everyone at once burst into a sigh of AWE. It was done, there was the affirmation! Some said they saw spaceships, I thought, we all saw a miracle.
Peaceburgh was really born that day. Many who had many major Peaces in its growth and vision were there to celebrate.

What energy in 2019?

The Energy of the incoming Divine Goddess Energy/4th Density/ Higher Fourth Dimension that is now permeating the Earth. We are in the Shift. The Shift is happening. We are responding in Love as the lower frequencies continue their response of greed and power over others. Do not get caught up in their fear response. Unity Consciousness is beginning to solidify as we raise the incoming frequencies within us.

We are to respond and see the Positive that this change is bringing and not react to the CRAZY.

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