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Submitting Posts



We really want  your submissions for posts from you and other Peaceburghers!

What appears on the official Peaceburgh dot com site on Peaceburgh will also go on the Peaceburgh facebook page.        No one with a facebook business page is happy about all the money Facebook is charging to get your post seen.  You would have to ask Tamar  how to pay into a paypal account to reach that many people for your event or marketing of your business.


General guidelines for post submissions:

  • Any topic can be explored as long as you explain how your chosen subject raises the consciousness of other Peaceburghers, and/or how you benefited from knowing or doing what you’re writing about.
  • When you are submitting a post, please do not advertise products or businesses – unless they fit beautifully into the post.  If you want your product/business to be seen, we encourage you to buy ad space on the site;  please contact Tamar George  at her dot com.  Lot’s of links on her ads on side bar.  Sorry for the extra steps to get to us.  But the spam was overwhelming.
  • The post has to be original and personalized.  Re-posts of your own material from other internet sites are welcomed.
  • Yinz have to be from the Pittsburgh vicinity.


Submitting a post to be considered for publication:

  1. Send a personal email (with potential ‘post’) to Tamar George.    Your email will be submitted to the other team editors.  You might  briefly explain why you think you think your post is a good fit for
  2. Include your name, email and website at bottom of your post.  Please mention where in the Pittsburgh area you live.
  3. You can suggest things in your email, but don’t ask for anything that requires us to do extra work.  We simply don’t have the time to create artwork, extensively edit your article, etc.
  4. If your post is time sensitive, let us know early in your email.
  5. If it’s been published elsewhere, let us know.  Re-publication of your own work is OK with us, subject to any copyright restrictions on your earlier publication.
  6. If you want us to help publicize an event, please provide us with a way to contact someone responsible for that event (so that we can obtain their permission).
  7. If you want to recommend an external article, post, etc. to our readers, the best way to do so is to write a post telling the readers why they would/should be interested in reading that item, and then including a link to the external web page.
  8. If the Peaceburgh editorial team thinks your submission is a great fit for our blog it will be gotten to.  The editing staff at Peaceburgh are volunteers, and will work on your post as their free time allows.
  9. Do NOT send Microsoft Word documents or PDFs for your potential posts.  Everything should be in your email, ready for ‘copy and paste’.
  10. Your post is more likely to get published when it has an image.  We need one full-width image which the editing staff will insert in your post.  
  11. Ask for a free image or submit one image size 615px wide x 461px height is ideal for clarity.  Do not enclose more than 2 images in the same email.  Please note in your email where you got the image.  (For example, was it off a website that lets you have free images because you’re a member?)  Explain in detail, and include any required image credit acknowledgements and copyright restrictions.
  12. Don’t take it personally if you don’t hear back quickly.  If you are confident that your submission would be a perfect match, you could potentially resend your email with a nice  note saying ‘just in case you might not have seen this the first time’.  But do not resend more than twice.



 Official record of business for Peaceburgh:
Peaceburgh dot com is an official website of Peaceburgh.  Peaceburgh is an Official Business Name and does business under that government registered name.  If you are having an event, you can market ‘Title of Event’ in Peaceburgh.  Please do not say that Peaceburgh sponsors or is participating in an event without Peaceburgh’s permission.  Peaceburgh also has a few other official internet locations.


Other Peaceburgh internet sites include the following:


Thank you; we look forward to your post submissions to Tamar George dot com

© 2016 Peaceburgh

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