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Walking the Light Fantastic with Tamar George

Peaceburgh is about the individuals who make up Peaceburgh.  What Path that individual is on, remedy why have they been walking that path and why it works for them.  There are many paths HOME, or finding your way back to your original Source.  This is Tamar George’s story:


¬†Tamar writes; ‚ÄúSecret meetings, secret books, even secret questions. Wondering why I didn’t seem to fit, why I was different. ¬†Why I¬†knew things others had no clue about. ¬† I‚Äôm curious about how you might have hidden your secret spiritual life? ¬†A lot of us hide¬†questions from our family or friends that we want answers¬†for. ¬†We¬†secretly ponder what and why we are here on planet Earth.¬† Some of us ask¬†out loud really¬†deep questions of others only to get a blank look in response or worse, the same old dogmatic answers. Most people never even ask if there is a greater plan for Earth. ¬†For 28 years I have been fine tuning my intuition, working with Spirit on how to walk in Love and live Love.¬† Also asking, sometimes pleading with my guides over and over about what that greater plan was for the Earth?

The answers came¬†and my¬†normal world was shaken awake by Spirit. It was¬†the year of the Harmonic Convergence¬†(August 15,198¬†7)¬†but I never made¬†it¬†to the event. I only learned about the event after the fact. The first planetary group event I attended was Crystal Light Link. ¬†Crystal Light Link (activating the crystal grids in April 1989. I remember this event as a calling to Shamballa (Home of Spirit) announcing, ‚Äėwe are here‚Äô with an answer coming back from Spirit saying, ‚ÄėWE ARE HERE.‚Äô It was a sending of energy back and forth, light coming from the planet to the cosmos. This was very important because it established a two-way system instead of simply one-way energy coming in to Earth. ¬†The light workers¬†were finally awakening¬†out of the thick veil of fear to be able to call back. ¬†We were picking up the cosmic phone and answering¬†it. ¬†Questions and answers were now in full swing back and forth to the many who could receive the messages.

On January 11, 1992, The¬†11:11¬†was an encoded symbol held in our DNA and was activated 1/11/92.¬† I facilitated the 11:11 event in¬†Pittsburgh, PA¬†for both the morning and evening ceremony‚Äôs. This event was a group statement that we wanted our ‚ÄėAtlantean‚Äô power back and we would be responsible for it. You could insert¬†responsibility¬†here for our Atlantean Power.¬† Since I wrote a book about my memories of Atlantis, that statement fits for me.¬† This was a major call to save the planet. In both the morning and evening we had over a hundred people participating in the ceremony. We also had an article written about the event in Pittsburgh‚Äôs major newspaper.¬† We were not only out of the closet we were mainstream.

elevenThe 11:11 was the beginning of the ending of the experiment of duality. There was also the growing realization that we are in the Times of Completion, the final days of duality. Many of us could and can still feel the life-force slipping away from duality. Solid matter was becoming increasingly transparent and duality was dissolving. Suddenly the life we had been living, our old selves, our old value systems had become limp and lifeless. That old reality no longer felt real. At the same time, the gap between who we really are and who we embody in daily life was also becoming increasingly uncomfortable. Some of us desperately wanted to bridge this gap and experience full integration. Duality is yin and yang, black and white, my way or the highway.  There’s was a new plan for Earth and it is called, UNITY.  The definition of unity is negotiation, right action instead of reaction while maintaining individuation in Unity.  No more separation, everything is done in Unity.  Everything is done for that good of the all.  We Are ONE!

On October 12, 1996 at 7:30 p.m., I participated in the event called Re-Calibration. This light working of energy took the planet from a second ray planet to third ray.  Third ray is active intelligence/Intelligent Activity.  Email me if you want more information on certain points throughout this story.

Grid:  One more chance.

In the year¬†2000-2001, I was actively working on the grid surrounding the earth. The grid is a function of the geomagnetic energy of the planet and the galactic magnetic energy coming to the planet. This renewed energy is a means of keeping the life force of the planet in a state of continued growth in order to fulfill the workings of the greater plan. ¬†After Atlantis sunk (10,000 or so years ago) the grid was ¬†shifted after such abuse and misuse of Power. ¬†It was also shifted in order that there would no longer be any undue influence to the earth dimension¬†by¬†energy outside of it. ¬†It was a command of LEAVE THE HUMANS ALONE to grow and learn. ¬†The shift out of the old alignments of energy had happened before at different times in Earth History. The major shifts were caused by Fire, Water, Ice, then by Fire again. ¬†This shift was not to be total destruction in order to rebuild. ¬†This was “shift happens” and this time you will feel it internally.

Now the grid is slowly shifting back to its original position because life force has experienced a vast frequency shift. This shift was assisted by those (144,000, Christ Consciousness or Guardianship) It was 144,000 that was needed for the 11:11 and we had more than that many.  The Christ Consciousness chose to change the grid to fit the pattern of humanity which was now moving toward the open door of the highest possible working of the Plan.  FINALLY, a great plan for planet Earth.


I also had discovered my work as a Guardian of the Plan for this planet. At every point in history there have been those who chose to come here to help guard, guide, sustain and create the function of life force energy here on Earth. These Guardians on earth hold the blueprint of Source through the physical realm. Throughout history these beings have been referred to as Avataric energy. Avataric energy is the example of love and a teacher of love. Avataric is another title for those who are a part of the composite function of the 144,000. The 144,000 you might also recognize as being called Christ Consciousness. The 144,000 are those who are awake and living the actual example of being the Christ. The Christ is a title. Christ means being the example of the higher consciousness of love at every moment.   Are you also apart of that plan, email me.

The new grid with the right intent was re-patterned and the world as we know it changed on June 21, 2001.  This working awakened the Christ Consciousness of the Planet.  Between 2001-2009 I’ve continued the work of fine tuning the grid by traveling to the major waterways of the planet. I have traveled the Nile, Amazon, Mississippi, Rhine, Mediterranean and the underground waterways of the Yucatan.  At these waterways, an energy seed had been lying dormant since Atlantis, awaiting activation by those who could understand the encoded plan on how to do this working.  These activations could be done by those who originally closed them down.  I believe that is why I’m so skilled at past lives this life.  I remember those ancient lives, for this reason.  Other messengers/channels/teachers report that this change has happened with the grid, you just have to do the research.

The Grid had to change otherwise the Earth vessel and life force on the planet could not hold the frequency of the energy being sent from Source. Think of a loose high voltage wire hanging in the air.  This wire needs to be grounded and connected to a like energy source.  Since humanity is now functioning at higher spiritual levels (energy as higher thought consciousness moving from earth to the heavens), while higher frequencies of Source energy are coming into the planet. A new kind of grid is necessary to allow these higher frequencies to pass through without consequence.

Lately, in 2008, 2009, the life force on the planet has experienced a vast frequency shift because of the work that has been done.  This frequency shift could be compared to a computer software program being upgraded to a higher sophisticated level.

Recap back to the 11:11 and the beginning of the end of duality. The choice was to change the grid so it will perfectly fit the energy pattern that humanity is moving toward, (which is Oneness) and that new pattern will open the door to the highest possible working of the Plan.

The end of duality and its completion was announced to take place on November 11, 2011.

logo111111Remember we opened the possibility of ending duality and now that possibility was a success.  The shift had happened.  This event was titled the 11:11:11. By 2012 we will be living in the energy of Oneness.  The 11:11:11 was successful in the city of Pittsburgh for 2012. We had hundreds of people show up to download a new unity program for Pittsburgh.  We made it official that day because over a 100 warriors of Light claimed this city as Peaceburgh.  Peaceburgh is a crystal city of Love, Light and Peace.

Now it is 2014 and since 2012 lots of us have really been working on all the changes going on.  That was the promise that shift would happen! We are the shift, we are the plan! We are the Ones. We are the Avatars. We are the Cosmic Christ. Now we move forward with the Plan.

Tamar George does private work with clients; she is a conscious channel for individuals and their gifts, purpose and just greater awareness.  Tamar has four websites: her own website with client’s testimonies about her work,







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